Conservation: Bursar’s Day Books

Conservators at the Oxford Conservation Consortium work to save Lincoln’s heritage.

Bursar's Day Book 1725 before treatment Page from Bursar's Day Book 1722 after treatmentAmongst the College’s administrative records in the Archive lie a series Bursar’s Day Books dating from 1673 to 1881. Being the College’s business manager, an annual appointment for Bursar was made from amongst the Fellowship until the 20th century. The day-to-day financial activities of the College were recorded in the Day Books, on which the Bursar would draw when it was time to prepare the annual accounts. Continue reading “Conservation: Bursar’s Day Books”

A Methodist Pocket Book

In the course of my work in the Archive, I have recently come across a tiny gem in the College collection of Wesleyana:img_1187 The Methodist Pocket Book for the Year of our Lord 1798. The volume measures 8 x 12 cm and contains “poetry, anecdotes and a variety of useful and edifying articles” as well as blank spaces where the owner could record expenditure. The book was printed for G. Whitfield, City Road [Chapel], London and could be bought at Methodist Chapels “in Town & Country”. George Whitfield had been left John Wesley’s types and presses in his will, and he was a prominent publisher of Methodist works in the period following Wesley’s death. Continue reading “A Methodist Pocket Book”

Richard Kilbye: Lincoln’s first great collector of Hebrew books

Lincoln Unlocked was officially launched on November 23rd with a lecture on Richard Kilbye, Lincoln’s earliest collector of Hebrew books, by Joanna Weinberg, Oxford Professor of Early Modern Jewish History and Rabbinics.

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